SHARP Series

A SHARP Series is a short course used to introduce the issues facing various under-resourced communities.

We look at how we can relationally engage these communities in friendship and love

while working toward tangible changes that will lead to sustainability and health in the community.   




Create a Series

Creating your own SHARP Series is a great way to focus on the insights and information that will benefit your church family, organization staff and volunteers or small group. Creating a series is a great idea for already existing groups, churches, and organizations who want to learn more about relational ministry and the true issues facing various under-resourced communities. 

Example: If your group is interested in engaging in a materially poor neighborhood near your church, you might consider creating a SHARP series covering the topics: Restorative Relationships, Justice and Compassion, A Look at Poverty, and Race Relations & Reconciliation. For a list of each course offered and their descriptions, CLICK HERE

To create a SHARP Series, simply fill out this form and we will contact you soon to talk through dates, time, order of events and cost!

The cost for Create A Series will vary depending on topics chosen, location, and other variables. We will talk through the predicted cost of your series based on your application.


Short Term Missions SHARP

Are you an organization, church, or small group that is going global or local for a short-term missions trip? We have worked with organizations that receive short-term groups every year to create a training that will help prepare both the experienced and inexperienced workers' hearts for serving both globally and locally. With intentional preparation and honest introspection, short term mission trips have the potential to redefine how you operate in everyday life, not just abroad, but also in your home and community. Short Term Missions SHARP will provide you and your team with the space, time and content to prepare you for your time away as well as to continue on mission after your return home.

If you are interested in have Short Term Missions SHARP training for you and your team, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch soon!

The cost for Short Term Missions SHARP is $125/person on team.