will equip and encourage people who desire to serve those in the margins.

This will be done through in-class training, connection in communities and trusted mentorship. 

In SHARP we will discuss and wrestle through how to be people

who follow Christ in every place, every day, and in every relationship.

Our aim is to build up disciples who live missionally in everyday life.


Training is the academic component of SHARP. Experienced practitioners, curriculum and book studies will teach participants the practical and spiritual elements of living as Christ's disciples, especially in under-resourced contexts. 

Each topic of study will equip participants through practical knowledge that is infused with spiritual encouragement and truth.

In order for participants to best serve those they live shoulder to shoulder with, they must be educated in the logistical aspects of serving. For example, topics such as state programs, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), job development, community development, etc. will train participants to work efficiently in our social systems so that they can help others navigate these systems. Further, an understanding of systemic injustices like mass incarceration must be confronted and understood in order to dismantle the systems that shackle so many communities. This will give SHARP participants the knowledge they need to care for their neighbors and under-resourced communities in Oklahoma City.

Discipleship, accountability, and prayer are essential to this training. Each mentor and instructor will be encouraged to approach his/her topic with prayerful consideration and by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The practitioners chosen for SHARP are known and trusted by The Spero Project. We believe these trainers will lead SHARP participants to know Christ more. Participants will also have accountability throughout this program that will encourage in-depth consideration of each topic and its relevancy to God’s work and God’s heart.



Orientation: June 2nd 9a.m. - 12p.m. 

Meet your mentors, attend your first SHARP class, get to know your fellow SHARPIES! Bring a friend, a spouse, a significant other, or anyone who you'd like to know more about the journey you'll be on this summer!
Breakfast provided. 

Class Sessions: June 5th - July 31st

Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10a.m. to 12p.m. 
Electives will be provided through the summer. Elective schedules will be provided at the Orientation.
Classes will be held at The Spero Project office: 906 NW 6th, OKC, OK, 73106.


Summer SHARP: $150

Summer semesters are 8 weeks long. Scholarships available.

Fees go toward the cost of the operation including facilities, instructors, mentors, coordination with partner agencies, books. Monthly payments are gladly accepted.